Organizational Chart  

The organizational chart represents the hierarchy of an organization. We can also say that it represents the authority flow from top to bottom and acts as an indicator for any one who wants to get in depth comprehension of the work line of a particular organization. The organizational charts are generally a representation of working style of an organization. There are various types of managerial styles and the organizational flow charts are simply a true representation of them. It shows whether the operating style is democratic or authoritative, whether it is centralized or decentralized.

These charts are also depicts various ranks and entities in detail. The following organizational chart template can help people in drawing a better chart of their organization. There are various types of charts present that can help you select the one that best suits your organizationā€™s operating style. They can also be helpful in drawing the departmental or business unit employee details along with their respective ranks and roles.

Below you can find the preview and download link of a freeĀ organizational chart template,

Organizational Chart Template

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